Get Qualified

Becoming a The Event Official Tournament/ League comes with several benefits that will take your 7v7 tournament to the next level! Regardless of how large or small your tournament is help it become the premier 7v7 event in your region.

Below you will find a number of benefits and other information regarding "The Event" National platform of tournaments to help you get familiarized before submitting your application. You'll also find the link to apply at the bottom of the page.

The Event Official Tournament Benefits

  • Micro-site for your tournament within
  • Online registration capabilities and calendar promotion through micro-site
  • Customized marketing materials (Flyers, Promos, eBlasts, and more!)
  • The Event Official Tournament signage & Tournament sports app Zorts Sports

Qualifying for The Event National Championship

Select The Event Official Tournaments will receive team qualifying spots to the National Championship. Team spots will be provided based on a variety of predetermined tournament criteria. 

The Event Official Tournament Fees

The below chart will be executed no later than 30 days prior to the tournament dates, with 50% to be paid at that time.

The Event Official Tournament / League Chart
# of Teams Qualifying Fee
1-29 $800
30-49 $1000
50-79 $1200
80+ $1400


If you are interested in becoming a The Event Official Tournament, please complete the tournament sanction application below.

The Event Tournament Application